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Want to Permanently or Temporarily Live & Work in Australia?

Moving to Australia is a challenging and life-changing experience. Australia is a great place to live and work, offering a wide range of lifestyle and employment opportunities.

To live and work in Australia, you must have a valid Australian visa. Understanding your visa options so you can make the right decisions at the beginning of your migration journey will reduce stress and heartache.

Australian visa rules are constantly changing so it is vital that you receive correct, professional, up-to-date information.

We Can Help You

Bruce Kimball Migration Services is a Registered Migration Agency in Brisbane Australia and we comply with the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents.

We will support you on every step of your migration to Australia. We help you understand the Australian immigration system, take the stress out of the migration process, and let you focus on your life ahead.

Whether you want to come to Australia to live, work, study, invest or just for an extended visit, there is a visa that will meet your needs.

There are more than 140 permanent and temporary visas available for non-Australian citizens.  There are visas that allow you to permanently migrate to Australia. There are also temporary visas that allow you to work, study or visit Australia for a short time.

What Type Of Visa Do You Need?

I Want to Work in Australia


I Want to Work in Australia

I Am an Employer & Want to Sponsor A Worker

Employer Visa

I Want a Family Member to Stay in Australia

Family Visa

I Want to Start a Business or Invest in Australia

Business Visa

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