Bruce was a huge help during the application process! He made sure every “t” was crossed, every “i” dotted, and every form filled out in the precise way the immigration department wants to see it.

He even warned us about a very sneaky (and large–50%!) price increase due to take effect at the start of the year in 2015. We had originally planned to lodge the application in late January, so knowing this vital information saved us thousands, and we would not have known about it otherwise!

Additionally, he’s been a wonderful moral support, reassuring us along the way when certain aspects got stressful or if I received communication from the department that I didn’t fully understand. He’s very good at explaining complex rules and instructions in ways that make it easy to understand. I would gladly recommend Bruce Kimball Migration Services to anyone needing help with their visa (and trust me, everyone needs help). Thank you, Bruce!


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