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Temporary Sponsored Parent visa….. Progress report

With three sitting weeks remaining in 2017, the clock is ticking for the Senate to approve the Bill enabling a new Temporary Sponsored Parent visa to come into effect. As part of the Turnbull Coalition Government’s 2016 election commitment, the new visa will allow...

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Protect your profits – Hire legal workers

It is the responsibility of all Australian employers to employ, refer and contract legal workers. Employer sanctions. Employers face infringements or civil penalties if they allow illegal work regardless of whether they knew someone was an illegal worker. This...

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7 BIGGEST mistakes couples make

Partner visa applications may seem straightforward. However, the applicable legislation is complex and there are many subtleties most visa applicants and their sponsors would be unaware of. All visa applicants and their sponsors must demonstrate to the Department of...

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Top 4 tips that make YOU more employable

Continuing the theme of my previous blog about how to get a job in Australia, I would like to offer the following top 4 skills that will make you more employable. In today's business environment, technical skills are taken as given, and that it's the soft skills that...

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Top 5 tips for getting a job in Australia

  I was recently invited by the Presbyterian Church to address a group of mainly student and temporary graduate visa holders who were uncertain about recent visa changes and wanting some clarification. Most of the discussion and resultant questions centred around...

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Introduction of a new Training levy

The Federal Government is introducing from March 2018 a new training levy payable by employers wanting to sponsor overseas skilled migrant workers on short-term (TSS) and permanent residency (ENS and RSMS) visas. Employers will be required to contribute to the...

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