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Parent Visas

The world is remarkably small at times, and children and parents can sometimes get stuck on different sides of geographic divides. If you are the parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, you may be eligible to live in Australia.

There are many factors to consider when determining the appropriate type of parent visa for your situation, such as:

  • Your ages and the ages of your children.
  • Personal finances.
  • Health and character requirements.
  • Where any other children live.
  • Location restrictions – where you are when the visa is lodged and approved.

Contributory Parent Visa – Subclasses 173 (Temporary) & 143 (Permanent)

A parent visa is for people who have a child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident and want to live in Australia.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa – Subclasses 884 (Temporary) & 864 (Permanent)

This visa allows older parents to live in Australia if they are the parents of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who is settled in Australia.

There are two options, a temporary visa for up to two (2) years or a permanent visa to allow you to permanently stay in Australia.

The requirements to apply for a Contributory Aged Parent Visa include being in Australia, sponsorship, meeting the age requirement and “balance-of-family” test, and paying a much higher visa application charge.

Bruce Kimball Migration Services can help you work out the best parent visa to match your needs and life situation.

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